Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications


Automatic Catch-UP TV in Over the Top Networks        
Virtual Traffic Lights        
VitalResponder 2.0: Intelligent Management of Critical Events of Stress, Fatigue and Smoke Intoxication in Forest Firefighting        
VR2Market - Towards a Mobile Wearable Health Survaillance Monitoring Product for Fisrt Response and other Hazardous Professions        
Control of Aquatic Drones for Maritime Tasks        
Heterogenous Ad-Hoc Network for the Coordination of Aquatic Drones        
Development of Pre-Operational Services for Highly Innovative Maritime Surveillance Capabilities        
DTN Networks for Emergency Communications        
Intelligent Cooperative Sensing for Improved Traffic Efficiency        
E-M2M 2-Energy-Eficient M2M Gateway 2        
Energy Management for M2M Gateway        
Computational Semantics of Formal Methods in Cryptography        
Privacy, Reliability and Integrity in Cloud Environments        
Smart Cloud of Things        
Multimedia Transport for Mobile Video Applications        
Coding and Communications Over Heterogeneous Networks        
Future Mobile Internet        
Vehicular Communications        
MoodSensor: an App that measures happiness        
Sensing Urban Mobility        
Improving engagement in mHealth        
Enabling Name-based Packet Forwarding over Flat ID Network Architectures        
An Overlay TDMA Protocol for Platooning        
System and Attack Modelling for the Internet of Things        
Towards an Applied Quantum Machine Learning in Intelligent Intelligent Transportation Systems        
Interoperability in the Future Internet        
Advising Diabetes' self-management supported by user data in a mobile platform        
Content-based Fuzzy Access Control        
Multicast for MANETs (Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks)        
Quality of Experience for the IoT        
Mobility Management in Slice-based Networks        
Mobility In Software-Defined Telecom Networks