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MOBISLICE 6 WORKSHOP - 6th Mobility Support in Slice-based Network Control for Heterogeneous Environments

on 07-11-2023


This year’s edition of MOBISLICE will shed a transversal multi-disciplinary look at what have been the cutting-edge prospects and installments for enabling network slicing. Inspired by the recent trials in 5G deployments, their proposition for Beyond-5G capabilities, and the current early progression work on 6G, MOBISLICE will showcase evidence of the pursuit of definite solutions towards this utilization capability paradigm.

This workshop will be held in Dresden, Germany, on November 7, 2023.

The MOBISLICE workshop focuses, but is not limited to, the following topics targeting slicing:

Vertical use cases and architectures evaluation
-- Slices in constrained environments (IoT, Edge, etc.)
-- Factories of the future use cases including manufacturing automation and process automation
-- Automotive service and ITS scenarios
-- Telco Operator and enterprise-based environments
-- Smart-X slice mobility
-- Reliability and security
-- Experimental, real trials and their impact on vertical performance

Network, Computation, and other enablers for MOBISLICE
-- Main operations and API
-- Inter- and intra-slice mobility procedures
-- Lifecycle management and impact
-- Heterogeneous access convergence or abstraction
-- High availability and reliability techniques
-- Experimental and real trials

Standardization efforts and activities for MOBISLICE
-- Status and progress in 3GPP/ETSI/IETF and other SDOs and vertical associations such as 5G-ACIA/5GAA
-- Proposals and standardization direction for advanced slicing
-- SDN/NFV initiatives
-- Slice-enhanced Networking and telecommunication protocols

Beyond 5G and 6G slicing
-- Disruptive architectures
-- Zero-touch slice performance
-- Experimental and real trials
-- New scenarios

Paper submission: 18th September 2023
Notification of Acceptance: 3rd October 2023
Camera-ready Submission: 9th October 2023

Workshop Chairs:
Daniel Corujo (University of Aveiro and Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal)
Augusto Neto (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)
Seil Jeon (Telia Company, Sweden)

Check for more submission information at the workshop’s website:

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