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Engineering Day: Advancing well-being with Engineering

on 17-11-2023


Join us at Engineering Day, an event brought up by IEEE EMBS Portugal Chapter, Instituto de Telecomunicações, INESC TEC, IEEE EMBS CUI, IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East & Africa), and Universidade do Porto.

This year's edition is turned toward Medicine and Biology under the theme "Advancing well-being with Engineering".

This event unites visionaries from academia and industry to engage in dynamic discussions on pertinent technological subjects. It's a platform where brilliant minds converge to share insights, ignite innovation, and deepen connections within the IEEE community. We will be celebrating the multifaceted world of engineering while forging new paths in technological advancement for the betterment of well-being and healthcare.

The event will take place remotely or face-to-face on November 17th, at the University of Porto.

Registering is needed.

For further, follow to the event webpage:

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