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IT participation in JEEC 2024

on 19-02-2024


Between the days 19 to 22 of February, JEEC took place at the new place of IST: TIC - Técnico Innovation Center!

We have been there too, showcasing what we do best. In this edition, we presented two prototypes: the innovative Breast Cancer Microwave project, spearheaded by our Antennas and Propagation group, and the cutting-edge "Biosignals Wearables" research led by our researcher and entrepreneur Hugo Plácido da Silva.

Our alumna and current researcher, Filipa Prudêncio, also a Professor at ISCTE, was invited to the Panel "Alumni Talks".

Moreover, our distinguished researchers Armando Pinto, Paulo Mateus, and Emmanuel Cruzeiro, along with Hugo Terças (Assistant Professor at IST), and Ernesto Galvão (Researcher at International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory), lead a captivating debate on Quantum Technologies.

Instituto de Telecomunicações work transcends widely the field of telecommunications. It's a dynamic field that fosters interdisciplinary research, uniting experts from diverse domains such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Antennas and Propagation, Quantum Technologies, Multimedia, and Organic Electronics, among others.

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