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Quantumness in quantum synchronization

on 19-04-2017


Mikel Sanz, University of the Basque Country

Wednesday 19/04/2017, 14:30
Room P9, Mathematics Building, IST

We introduce the concept of degree of quantumness in quantum synchronization, a measure of the quantum natu re of synchronization in quantum systems. Following techniques from quantum information to quantify the quantumness of a dynamics, we propose a measure based on the number of non-commuting observables that synchronize. The degree of quantumness is compatible with already existing synchronization measurements, and it captures different physical properties. We illustrate the definition in a quantum system consisting of two weakly interacting cavity-qubit systems, which are coupled via the exchange of bosonic excitations between the cavities, and the synchronization of the expectation values of the Pauli operators is studied. We additionally propose a feasible superconducting circuit system in which the experiment can be carried out. Finally, we briefly discuss the degree of quantumness in the synchronization between two quantum van der Pol oscillators.

Quantum Computation and Information Seminar

Support: Phys-Info (IT), SQIG (IT) and CAMGSD, with support from FCT, FEDER and EU FP7, namely via the Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information (DP-PMI), and projects PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013, QuNet, and NQuN.