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Effect of acceleration on quantum states

on 11-05-2017


Benedikt Richter, Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, IT & IST

11/05/2017, 14:00
Room P1, Mathematics Building, IST

In this talk, we discuss the influence of acceleration on quantum states. We start by studying the effects of acceleration on fermionic Gaussian states of localized modes of a Dirac field. Thereby we formulate the action of the transformation to an accelerated frame as a fermionic quantum channel and discuss the entanglement of the vacuum, as well as the entanglement in Bell states. After that, we discuss collective dynamics of accelerated atoms interacting with a massless scalar field via an Unruh-deWitt type interaction. Therefore, we derive the general Hamiltonian describing such a system and employ a Markovian master equation. In particular, we report the
emergence of superradiance and entanglement between two-level atoms. Finally, we briefly outline a proposal for an experimental setup for a quantum simulation of this system using Bose-Einstein condensates.

Quantum Computation and Information Seminar

Support: Phys-Info (IT), SQIG (IT) and CAMGSD, with support from FCT, FEDER and EU FP7, namely via the Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information (DP-PMI), and projects PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013, QuSim, and PAPETS (323901).

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