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SEMINAR - Taking Saratoga from Space-Based Ground Sensors to Ground-Based Space Sensors

on 23-05-2011

... SEMINAR 23rd May 2011
Instituto de Telecomunicações - Aveiro
Amphitheather, 16h00

Title: Taking Saratoga from Space-Based Ground Sensors to Ground-Based Space Sensors
by Dr.Charles Smith, CSIRO, Australia

The Saratoga transfer protocol was developed by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) for its Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) satellites. In over seven years of operation, Saratoga has provided efficient delivery of remote-sensing Earth observation imagery, across private wireless links, from these seven low-orbit satellites to ground stations, using the Internet Protocol (IP). Saratoga is designed to cope with high bandwidth-delay products, constrained acknowledgment channels, and high loss while streaming or delivering extremely large files. An implementation of this protocol has now been developed at the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) for wider use and testing. This is intended to prototype delivery of data across dedicated astronomy radio telescope networks on the ground, where networked sensors in Very Long Baseline Interferometer (VLBI) instruments generate large amounts of data for processing and can send that data across private IP- and Ethernet-based links at very high rates. We describe this new Saratoga implementation, its features and focus on high throughput and link utilization, and lessons learned in developing this protocol for sensor-network applications.
Publication: IEEE Aerospace Conference 2011

The seminar is intended to informally present to those interested on the convergence of Future Internet, Space Science applications of Remote Sensing and application to ground-based space sensor arrays. Students are most encouraged and welcomed .

Biography: Charles Smith is a networking consulting engineer who is currently attached to the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Division. He is advising the Australian Telescope National Facility and the Square Kilometre Array Project Development Offices on networking technologies, and researching architectures for the data and control planes for the ASKAP and SKA radio telescopes. Previously, Charles spent eight years at Cisco Systems, where he was a principal architect and engineered research and education networks, including the National Lambda Rail in the United States and TWAREN backbones in Taiwan.

Conveners: Domingos Barbosa, João Paulo Barraca More Information..

Seminar "Combining Negation"

on 06-05-2011

... Jean-Yves Béziau (UFRJ - Brazil).

May 6, 2011, Friday, 16h15m.

Abstract: Classical negation can be decomposed in various rules of pure negation (rules dealing with negation as the only connective). In this talk we will study the combination of these rules between each other and with pure rules for other connectives. In this setting we will examine in particular the combination of negation with disjunction to understand how the law of excluded middle paradoxically appears, contradicting the standard conservative idea of combination of logics.

Room: 3.10, Mathematics
Support: SQIG/IT with support from FCT and FEDER, namely via the following projects:
* PTDC/MAT/68723/2006 KLog;
* POCI/MAT/55796/2004 QuantLog;
* POSC/EIA/55582/2004 Space-Time-Types More Information..