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  • F. Meneses, C. Guimarães, D. Corujo, R. Aguiar, Best Paper Award (Mobility Track), 9th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility & Security (NTMS 2018), for the work "SDN-based Mobility Management: Handover Performance Impact in Constrained Devices", in Paris, France, 01-02-2018
  • O. Pereira, D. Regateiro, R. Aguiar, Best paper Award, Best Paper Award at the 6th DATA (intl. Conf. on Data Science, Technology and Applications) held in Madrid. Paper: SPDC: Secure Proxied Database Connectivity, 01-07-2017
  • R. Aguiar, Best Executive Editor ETT, Prize of Best Executive Editor (five are nominated) from the Journal Emerging Telecommunication Technologies, Wiley, 01-01-2017
  • R. Aguiar, IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer, Eleito IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer para o biénio 2017-18., 01-01-2017
  • D. Corujo, C. Ferreira, A. Neto, A. Mota, F. Silva, J. Pereira, C. Guimarães, P. R. Rosa, S. Kofuji, R. Aguiar, Best Paper Award, 10th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT-2014), IARIA, for the work “Towards a Carrier Grade SDN Controller: Integrating OpenFLow with Telecom Services”, in Paris, France, 01-07-2014
  • D. Corujo, Outstanding Young Researcher Award, IEEE ComSoc EMEA Regional Award (2014) for ​their promising research activities for the benefit of the society, 01-02-2014
  • P.T. Tavares, P. Gonçalves, J. L. Oliveira, Best paper award LANOMS 2011, 01-11-2011
  • R. Aguiar, L. Alves, Fraunhofer Challenge 2011, Won Second prize in PhD category for the best Idea in PhD thesis work for session 2010-1011, 01-10-2011
  • E. Rocha, P. Salvador, A. N. Nogueira, Best Paper, Best Paper at the MONAMI 2011 for the paper ''Classification of hidden users' profiles in wireless communications'', 01-09-2011
  • Nuno Rafael Lourenço, L. Alves, R. Aguiar, Visible Light Communication for Road Safety: Poster Award, Awarded one of the best poster award in the Engineering Category at Annual Research Day at University of Aveiro, 01-06-2011
  • E. Rocha, P. Salvador, A. N. Nogueira, Best Student Paper, Best Student Paper for the paper "Detection of Illicit Traffic based on Multiscale Analysis", 01-09-2009
  • Nuno Rafael Lourenço, R. Aguiar, Michael Spiez, Best Paper Award, IETE Gowri Memorial Award for Best Paper in Journal, 01-12-2008
  • D. Corujo, V. Jesus, S. Sargento, R. Aguiar, M. A. Almeida, N. Sénica, Best Local Student Paper, IEEE Sumposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2007), for the work "Mobility with Quality of Service Support for Multi-Interface Terminals: Combined User and Network Approach", Aveiro, Portugal, 01-07-2007
  • A. Neto, A Resource Reservation Protocol Supporting QoS-aware Multicast Trees for Next Generation Networks, BEST LOCAL PAPER ISCC'07, 01-06-2007