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  • A. Navarro, TRANSCEIVER SYSTEM FOR AUDIO ALARMING USING RADIO FM STATIONS, Emergency alert systems is required in a modern society. It is composed by warning messages delivered to the nation public in consequence of imminent threats to the public safety. An emergency alert message system over mobile phones is already implemented in Portugal. In this paper, we propose an innovative voice-based emergency alert system. Our solution makes use of local radio stations to deliver the voice alert messages to the vehicle driver., 01-11-2022
  • R. L. Magueta, A. Silva, D. Castanheira, R. Dinis, Best Iberian Doctoral Thesis in Information Systems and Technologies, Roberto Magueta (supervised by Adão Silva and Daniel Castanheira and Rui Dinis ) , was distinguished by the Iberian Association for Information Systems and Technologies (AISTI) with the award “Best Iberian Doctoral Thesis in Information Systems and Technologies, 01-02-2021
  • A. Silva, Best Reviewer Award, "The Best Reviewer Award" is established by the Radioengineering Journal to thank reviewers providing high-quality reviews., 01-02-2017