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The Coimbra Site of IT is located at the 2nd floor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (DEEC), in pole II of University of Coimbra (UC).

The nearest airports are in Lisbon and Porto. To get to Coimbra you must use one of the main road or railway connections.

Railway Connections
The train is probably the most confortable way to travel to Coimbra. There are many dayly connections starting from Lisbon and Porto. You may look up the timetables at the site of the Portuguese Railways.
If you arrive at Lisbon International Airport, take a taxi to "Oriente" railway station. The trip should take about 10 minutes, but this may vary depending on the existing traffic. The fare should be near 5 Euro (with luggage).
If you arrive to Porto (Sá Carneiro Airport), take a taxi to "Campanhã" railway station. The trip should take around 30 minutes, without traffic jams. The fare should be around 16,5 Euro (with luggage).
When arriving to Coimbra, you must leave the train at "Coimbra B" railway station, and take a local train to "Coimbra A". From there, the best way to go to pole II of UC is by taxi. The fare should be less than 5 Euro, in any case.

Road Connections
You may rent a car at the airport.
From Lisbon International Airport, take the highway A1, direction "Norte". After about 200 km take the exit "Coimbra Sul" (see simplified map above).
From Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto), take highway A1, direction "Sul". After about 120 km, you may take the exit "Coimbra Norte", but from here you would need to cross the city to reach pole II of UC. It is preferable to go on and take the exit "Coimbra Sul".
You may prefer to take a bus. Busses to Coimbra are very frequent, both from Lisbon and Porto. You may look up the timetables at the site of the Rede Nacional de Expressos (only in Portuguese) or here.

Nearby Hotels

There are no hotels at walking distance from IT, at Coimbra. Therefore, if you stay at any hotel in the city, you will have to take either a taxi or a bus (no. 34, at "Praça da República", or no. 38, at "Estação Nova") to get to IT at pole II of UC.
Information about hotels in Coimbra and an interactive map of the city may be found here. The following are the two hotels closest to pole II of UC.

Address Avenida Emídio Navarro, 70
3000-150 COIMBRA
Phone/Fax Phone Phone: + 351 239 852 130
Fax : + 351 239 852 140
e-mail / URL e-mail:

Address Avenida Emídio Navarro, 21
3000-150 COIMBRA
Phone/Fax Phone Phone: + 351 239 853 020
Fax : + 351 239 822 057
e-mail / URL e-mail:



IT – Coimbra
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Coimbra - Pole II
P-3030-290 COIMBRA

Phone: +351 239 796 236 Fax: +351 239 796 236 Email:

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