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Coordinator: João Paulo Silva Barraca
Thematic Line:Networks and Services
Group:Telecommunications and Networking – Av


IT – Aveiro
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Tel: +351 234 377 900
Fax: +351 234 377 901

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The Networking laboratory is dedicated to experimental research on networking and multimedia. The activities performed in the laboratory cover aspects of network simulation, middleware development and experimental evaluation.

In terms of emulation, ns2/3 and omnet play a central role, with virtualization, cooperative relaying, mesh and vehicular networking being key topics, and overall distributed system simulation presenting an incipient effort.

In terms of software development, the successful open source developments for 802.11 (ODTONE), multicast (mrd6) and mobility (OPMIP) make this a very visible activity. Furthermore, tools for cloud computing, traffic monitoring and analyzing, traffic optimization, and service discovery have been developed and deployed.

Finally, the experimental activities shine under the cover of AMAZING, an open air wireless testbed, fully configurable with 24 nodes deployed in the roof of IT. More experimental activities include the cooperation with Planetlab, a double testbed for sensor applications, and a IMS-Advanced infrastructure.