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Coordinator: Veronica Costa Teixeira Pinto Orvalho
Thematic Line:Networks and Services
Group:Computer Graphics and Interactive Multimedia - Po


IT Branch – Porto
Rua Dr Roberto Frias
Tel: 220413243

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Porto Interactive Center (PIC) has two main areas of expertise: computer graphics and human computer interaction. The two industries that help drive and direct our research are Entertainment and Health Care.

The scientific goal is to understand the foundation of 3D synthetic characters and how they behave in virtual and real environments. The overall technological goal is to improve interactive techniques and the 3D representation of emotion-driven characters.
We pursue interdisciplinary research between the fields of computer science, art and psychology.

PIC facilities at IT-Porto are constituted by three Labs:
- Lab 1: is dedicated to facial and body motion capture, 3D interaction and non-immersive virtual reality;
- Lab 2: is dedicated to markerless full body motion capture and immersive virtual reality (HMD).