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... Carla Sofia dos Reis Medeiros


Carla Medeiros

Former IT academic position: Researcher
Joining/Leaving IT dates: 09-01-2006 / 02-05-2010
Roles held in IT: Researcher
Former IT thematic line: Wireless Technologies
Group: Antennas and Propagation – Lx

Scientific Achievements

  • MSc, Instituto Superior Técnico, 01-01-2007
  • Licenciatura, Instituto Superior Técnico, 01-01-2006
  • Reconfigurable Antennas
  • RFID
  • UWB antennas
  • Dispositivo com antena transparente integrada em espelho para sistema de identificação por rádio-frequência, PT105477, National, Granted, 12-01-2011, Portugal,
    | Abstract
  • Dispositivo e sistema de votação passivo sem fios, PT104873, National, Granted, 09-12-2009, Portugal,
    | Abstract
  • Wireless Passive Voting Device and System, PCT/PT2009/000071, PCT, 09-12-2009,
    | Abstract
  • Device for reading radio frequency identifiers for volumetric confining of the detection region, PCT/PT2009/00035, PCT, 28-06-2008,
    | Abstract
  • Dispositivo para Leitura de Identificadores de Radiofrequência garantindo confinamento volumétrico da região de detecção, PT104121, National, Granted, 28-06-2008, Portugal,
    | Abstract

Closed Projects7

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Ending date
LENTILLES Benchmarking of Integrated Lens Antenna Design and Manufacturig FCT/PESSOA 01-01-2006 01-12-2009
Metex Metamaterial with extreme permittivity IT/LA 01-12-2008 01-05-2010
Nonlocal Non-local Metamaterials and Applications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 01-12-2012
RFID-Local Advanced Antennas for Radio Frequency Identification and Localization FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 01-12-2012
RFID-Shelf RFID Smart Surfaces IT/LA, CreativeSystems, Vicaima 01-12-2006 01-03-2011
R-META Reconfigurable Low-profile Antennas Using Metamaterials FCT/POSC 01-10-2005 30-09-2008
Wi-mm Millimetre-wave wireless indoor link with automatic tracking antenna IT/LA 01-10-2008 01-10-2010
  • C. R. Medeiros, Prémio de Investigação URSI Portugal 2010, ''UHF RFID Reader Antennas for Self-confined Tag Detection'', 01-09-2010
  • C. R. Medeiros, Menção Honrosa Jovens Investigadores UTL/CGD 2010, 01-06-2010
  • IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
    2010, 3 review(s); 2009, 1 review(s); 2008, 1 review(s);