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... João Santinha

PhD Student

João Santinha

Academic position: PhD Student
Joining date: 01-01-2019
Roles in IT: PhD Student
Thematic Line: Basic Sciences and Enabling Technologies
Group: Pattern and Image Analysis – Lx

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Address: IT – Lisboa
Instituto Superior Técnico - Torre Norte - Piso 10
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1
1049 - 001 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 841 84 54
Fax: +351 21 841 84 72

Scientific Achievements

  • J. Santinha, L. Bianchini, M. A. T. Figueiredo, C. Matos, A. Lascialfari, N. Papanikolaou, M. Cremonesi, B. Jereczek-Fossa, F. Botta, D. Origgi, Discrimination of Tumor Texture Based on MRI Radiomic Features: Is There a Volume Threshold? A Phantom Study, Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Vol. 12, No. 11, pp. 5465 - 5465, May, 2022,
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  • J. Santinha, C. Matos, M. A. T. Figueiredo, N. Papanikolaou, Improving performance and generalizability in radiogenomics: a pilot study for prediction of IDH1/2 mutation status in gliomas with multicentric data, Journal of Medical imaging, Vol. 8, No. 03, pp. 031905-1 - 031905-23, April, 2021,
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  • L. Bianchini, J. Santinha, N. Loução, M. A. T. Figueiredo, F. Botta, D. Origgi, M. Cremonesi, E. Cassano, N. Papanikolaou, A. Lascialfari, A multicenter study on radiomic features from T2‐weighted images of a customized MR pelvic phantom setting the basis for robust radiomic models in clinics, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Vol. 85, No. 3, pp. 1713 - 1726, September, 2020,
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  • J. M. Moreira, I. Santiago, J. Santinha, N. Figueiredo, K. Marias, M. A. T. Figueiredo, L. Vanneschi, N. Papanikolaou, Challenges and Promises of Radiomics for Rectal Cancer, Current Colorectal Cancer Reports, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 175 - 180, November, 2019,
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  • J. Santinha, J. Sousa, H. Gamboa, H. Silva, Real time dose response assessment tool applicable in exercise therapy, International Workshop on Computing Paradigms for Mental Health - MindCare, Vilamoura, Portugal, Vol., pp. 91 - 95, September, 2012 | BibTex