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... Joana dos Santos Saraiva Vieira

PhD Student

Joana Vieira

Academic position: PhD Student
Joining date: 01-09-2018
Roles in IT: PhD Student
Thematic Line: Optics and Photonics
Group: Optical Components and Subsystems - Av

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Address: IT – Aveiro
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Campus Universitário de Santiago
Tel: +351 234 377 900
Fax: +351 234 377 901

Scientific Achievements

  • J. Vieira, T. Paixão Paixão, P. Antunes, M. Facão, Ana M. Rocha, Modelling, fabrication and characterization of long period gratings inscribed by femtosecond laser, Optik, Vol. 229, No. December 2020, pp. 166283 - 166283, January, 2021,
    | Abstract
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  • Ana M. Rocha, A. I. Machado, T. Almeida, J. Vieira, M. Facão, Analysis of Long Period Gratings Inscribed by CO2 Laser Irradiation and Estimation of the Refractive Index Modulation, Sensors, Vol. 20, No. 22, pp. 6409 - 6409, November, 2020 | BibTex

Currently running projects1

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Ending date
MCTechs Multicore fibers technologies for high-capacity Optical Networks FCT/POCI 14-05-2018 14-10-2021