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... Armando Humberto Moreira Nolasco Pinto

Senior Researcher

Armando Pinto

Academic position: Associate Professor
Joining date: 01-01-1999
Roles in IT: Senior Researcher
Thematic Line: Optics and Photonics
Group: Optical Quantum Communications and Technologies – Av

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Address: IT – Aveiro
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Campus Universitário de Santiago
Tel: +351 234 377 900
Fax: +351 234 377 901

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Scientific Achievements

  • PhD, Universidade de Aveiro, 01-01-1999
  • University of Aveiro, 01-01-2013, Associate Professor
  • University of Aveiro, 01-01-2000, Assistant Professor
  • University of Aveiro, 01-01-1997, Assistant Lecturer
As Supervisor
As Co-supervisor
As Supervisor
  • D. Faulkner, M. C. R. Medeiros, R. Neat, A. N. Pinto, NOC/OC&I 2010 Proceedings - 15th European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications and 5th Conference on Optical Cabling and Infrastructure, Universidade do Algarve, Faro, 2010,
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  • G. Fernandes, N. J. Muga, A. N. Pinto, Space-Division Multiplexing in Fiber-Optic Transmission Systems, Chapter in, Optical Fibers: Technology, Communications and Recent Advances, Mário F. S. Ferreira, Nova Publisher, New York, 2017
  • R.M. Morais, A. N. Pinto, chapter 7, Topological Design Using Genetic Algorithms, pp. 153-173,, Chapter in, Intelligent Systems for Optical Networks Design: Advancing Techniques, Yousef S. Kavian and Z. Ghassemlooy, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3652-1, ISBN13: 9781466636521, ISBN10: 1466636521, EISBN13: 9781466636538, IGI global, Medical Information Science Reference, Hershey, USA, 2013
  • P.S André, A. N. Pinto, A. Teixeira, B. Neto, S. Junior, R. F. Rocha, J. L. Pinto, M.C.F. Fugihara, New Challenges in Raman Amplification for Fiber Communication Systems, Chapter in, Telecommunications Research Trends, Hans F. Ulrich and Ernst P. Lehrmann, Nova Publisher, -, 2008
  • P.S André, A. N. Pinto, A. Teixeira, B. Neto, S. Junior, R. F. Rocha, J. L. Pinto, M.C.F. Fugihara, New Challenges in Raman Amplification for Fiber Communication Systems, Chapter in, Optical Fibers Research Advances, Jurgen C. Schlesinger, Nova Publisher, -, 2007
  • C.Rodrigues Rodrigues, P. Mão-Cheia, F. P. Guiomar, A. N. Pinto, J.D. Reis, A. Teixeira, Método de Equalização Não-Linear do Canal Óptico no Domínio da Frequência, 105765, June, 2011, (status granted)
  • A. N. Pinto, J. Ferreira, P. Mão-Cheia, Método e mecanismo para controlo e mitigação do efeito transitório em amplificadores ópticos de Raman com reflexão das bombas (granted), 104930, December, 2009, (status granted)

Currently running projects10

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Ending date
DigCORE Digital Compensation of Inter Crosstalk in Multicore Fibers IT/LA 01-05-2020 30-04-2022
DSPMetroNet DSP Functions for Simplified Coherent Transceivers in Optical Metropolitan Networks FCT/POCI 01-07-2018 31-12-2021
MCTechs Multicore fibers technologies for high-capacity Optical Networks FCT/POCI 01-05-2018 01-05-2021
ORCIP Optical Radio Convergence Infrastructure for Communications and Power Delivering PO Centro 01-05-2017 30-04-2029
Q.DOT SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 039728 - Distributed Quantum Oblivious Transfer P2020 17-07-2019 16-07-2021
QuantumMining Quantum Primitives for Privacy Preserving Data Mining FCT 01-09-2018 28-02-2022
QuantumPrime Generation of Prime Numbers Enabled by Quantum Technologies for Cryptographic Applications FCT 01-02-2021 31-01-2024
QuGENOME Quantum Enabled Private Recognition of Composite Signals in Genome EU 01-12-2020 30-09-2021
RETIOT Utilização de Tecnologias de Reflectometría no melhoramento do futuro Internet das Coisas e Sistemas Ciber-Físicos P2020 09-01-2017 30-06-2021

Closed Projects29

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Ending date
AdaptDig Adaptive Digital Compensation in Access and Transport Optical Networks PT Inovação 01-01-2011 01-12-2012
ATLAS All-optical Terabit per second Lambda-Shifted transmission EU 01-01-2000 31-12-2002
CONLUZ Steering of light in nonlinear waveguides with resonant interactions FCT/PTDC 01-01-2011 01-12-2013
CRT Control of Transient Response of Fiber Raman Amplifiers PT Inovação 01-03-2008 01-11-2009
CV-Quantum Improving Security and Capacity Using Continuous Variables Quantum Communications IT/LA 01-02-2014 01-06-2016
DiNEq Digital Nonlinear Equalization in Very-High Speed Coherent Optical Transmission Systems FCT/PTDC 01-07-2013 01-06-2015
DOPTNET Highly Dispersive Pulses in Dense WDM Optical Network FCT/POSI 01-04-2002 31-10-2004
DROM-TELESAL Dimensioning of Multi-Layer Optical Networks ADI 01-03-2007 01-06-2008
GPON GPON-IN-A-BOX PT Inovação 01-01-2010 01-12-2011
IP over WDM Integration Strategies for IP over WDM Networks FCT/POSC 01-10-2005 30-09-2008
ISIS InfraStructures for broadband access in wireless/photonics and Integration of Strengths in Europe EU 01-01-2006 31-12-2008
MULTIDIM Dimensioning Multi-Service and Multi-Layer Networks: Optimization Models FCT/POSI 01-01-2002 31-12-2004
NET-OPT NET-OPT - Network Optimization Nokia Siemens Networks 01-01-2011 01-12-2013
NG-COS Next-Generation Coherent Optical Communication Systems IT/LA 01-09-2011 01-08-2013
NGPON2 NGPON2 ADI, PT Inovação 01-01-2013 01-12-2014
ONECI ONECI - Optimizing Next-generation Elastic Core Network Infrastructure FCT/PTDC 01-05-2013 01-04-2015
OSP-HNLF OSP-HNLF - Optical Signal Processing Using Highly Nonlinear Fibers FCT/PTDC 01-05-2010 01-04-2013
Panorama Desenvolvimento de um Sistema de Telecomunicações sustentado em Plataformas Ópticas e de Rádio Avançadas com gestão integrada PT Inovação 01-01-2009 01-06-2011
PANORAMA II Desenvolvimento de um Sistema de Telecomunicações sustentado em Plataformas Ópticas e de Rádio Avançadas com gestão integrada PT Inovação 01-01-2013 01-01-2015
PIC Photonic Integrated Circuits for NGPON2 PT Inovação 01-05-2013 01-12-2014
PMD Polarization Mode Dispersion in High-Speed Optical Communication Systems FCT/POSI 01-01-2004 31-07-2007
PosDig Digital Post-Compensation of Chromatic Dispersion and Nonlinearities in Optical Communication Systems PT Inovação 01-03-2010 01-12-2011
P-Quantum Practical Quantum Communications IT/LA 01-09-2011 01-08-2013
QuantPrivTel QuantPrivTel: Quantum PrivateTelecommunications FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 01-06-2013
QuantTel Quantum Secure Telecommunications IT/LA 01-11-2008 01-10-2010
Quantum Quantum Effects in High Speed Optical Communication Systems IT/LA 01-07-2005 01-06-2008
Raman Raman Amplification for CWDM Systems PT Inovação 01-03-2005 31-07-2007
SoftTransceiver Software Defined Transceiver for Flexible Optical Networks IT 01-04-2016 01-12-2018
VADONetC Simplified Volterra analysis for dynamical optical networks compensation IT/LA 01-06-2014 01-05-2016
  • S. T. Mantey, M. F. Ramos, N. A. Silva, N. J. Muga, A. N. Pinto, Best Paper Award, Best Paper Award For the paper entitled Algorithm for State-Of-Polarization Generation in Polarization-Encoding Quantum Key Distribution, presented at the 2021 Telecoms Conference (ConfTELE), the 12th conference on telecommunications, held in Leiria Portugal, 11-12 February 2021., 01-02-2021
  • M. F. Ramos, N. A. Silva, A. N. Pinto, Best PhD oral communication, "Fast and Secure Multiparty Computation Enabled by Quantum Communication Technologies" presented at Research Summit 2019, held at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, July 3-5 2019. The award has been attributed for the scientific quality and organization of the work., 01-07-2019
  • D. Pereira, M. Facão, N. A. Silva, A. N. Pinto, Best PhD oral communication, Best PhD oral communication for the Symposium on Engineering Physics: Daniel Pereira – Quantum Key Distribution with Continuous Variables, received in the 2nd Doctoral Congress in Engineering, 8-9 June, Porto, Portugal, 01-06-2017
  • N. A. Silva, A. N. Pinto, Best Student Paper Award, for the paper entitled ''Photon-Pair Generation in Chalcogenide Glass - Role of Waveguide Linear Absorption'' presented at the International Conference on Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology (PHOTOPTICS), held in Lisbon - Portugal, 01-01-2014
  • A. Almeida, N. J. Muga, N. A. Silva, P.S André, A. N. Pinto, SEONS Best Student Paper, Best Student Paper on Optical Communication in the X SEONS, in Porto, 01-06-2012
  • European Conf. on Networks and Optical Communications and Conf. on Optical Cabling and Infrastructure - NOC/OC, Conference Chairman, 2010