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... Rui Manuel Rodrigues Rocha

Senior Researcher

Rui Rocha

Academic position: Associate Professor
Joining date: 01-01-1999
Roles in IT: Senior Researcher
Thematic Line: Networks and Services
Group: Network Architectures and Protocols – Lx

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Address: IT – Lisboa
Instituto Superior Técnico - Torre Norte - Piso 10
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1
1049 - 001 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 841 84 54
Fax: +351 21 841 84 72

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Scientific Achievements

  • PhD, Instituto Superior Técnico, 04-07-1995
  • MSc, Instituto Superior Técnico, 28-07-1987
  • Licenciatura, Instituto Superior Técnico, 18-12-1981
  • Ordem dos Engenheiros, 05-06-1993, Membro Efectivo
  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 01-01-1988 - 01-01-2021, Senior Member
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As Co-supervisor
As Supervisor
As Co-supervisor
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  • Sistema e método de medição do tempo de voo e local de aterragem de saltos em trampolins, PT110345, National, Pending, 13-10-2017, Portugal,
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Closed Projects3

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Ending date
NEWCOM++ Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications ++ EU/FP7 01-12-2007 01-12-2010
QuantSat-PT QuantSat-PT -- Portuguese Quantum Communications Cube-Satellite: Development of the Quantum Payload and Preliminary Design of the Space Segment FCT 01-12-2020 30-11-2022
WIP An All-Wireless Mobile Network Architecture EU 01-01-2006 31-12-2008
  • R. Rocha, J. P. Monteiro, C. A. Fernandes, A. S. Silva, The ANACOM-URSI Portugal research prize - 2019 edition, The ANACOM-URSI Portugal research prize was awarded at the 2019 edition for the work "ISTSat-1 - The First Portuguese University CubeSat". It is a work of excellent scientific quality and rigour, clarity and transversality. The work was produced by the ISTnanosat team, of the Instituto Superior Técnico, comprising João Paulo Monteiro, Alexandre Silva, Carlos Fernandes and Rui M. Rocha of IST/IT, Fabian Naf, Rúben Afonso, Gonçalo Tavares, Moisés Piedade, of IST / INESC-ID and Nuno Ramos, Tomás Almeida, João Pinto, Diogo Neves, Renato Encarnação, José Freitas, of IST. The team developed a CubeSat to perform a space mission to demonstrate ADS-B technology for tracking aircraft in remote regions of the planet. For this mission, carried out since 2017 under ESA's "Fly Your Satellite!" programme, the team chose to develop almost all subsystems from scratch through various master’s theses. Having already designed, built and integrated all the ISTSat-1 subsystems, as well as having gone through several test campaigns, the team is now aiming for the final acceptance tests and the preparation for the launch in 2020. The prize sponsored by ANACOM, in the amount of four thousand euros, was awarded at the end of the 13th Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI by the Vice-Chairman of ANACOM, João Miguel Coelho, and by the Chairman of the Portuguese Committee of URSI, Luísa Mendes., 01-12-2019
  • N. Antunes, A. Pacheco, R. Rocha, An Integrated Traffic Model for Multimedia Wireless Networks, 3M /TULisbon Prize for inovation in the area of EE engineering, 01-06-2002
  • J. Teixeira, R. Rocha, MoteISTx5 Embedded plataform for Wireless Sensor Networks - RTCM2012, Seminars, 01-06-2012
  • 6th IEEE International Conference on High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications, Technical Programme Committee, 2003
  • 6th IEEE International Conference on High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications, Organizing Committee, 2003
  • Conferência de Redes de Computadores (CRC’2002), Scientific Committee, 2002
  • 13th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC’2002), Organizing Committee, 2002