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IT at the Keep in Touch 2019 to celebrate Técnico´s 108th anniversary

on 23-05-2019

... The Keep in Touch 2019 gathered the Técnico community to celebrate the 108th anniversary of Instituto Superior Técnico. Students, Professors, researchers, other members of the IST staff, employees of the companies of the IST SPIN-OFF Community and all the partner companies of the IST, as well as family and friends, were all invited.

As it happens every year, the 23rd of May, the Day of Técnico, represents an opportunity for its visitors to embark on a journey that is both nostalgic and futuristic.

At the Faraday Museum there were many examples of technological achievements of the past, such as the antennas of the first 4G prototype, developed in IT during the early 90´s, computers used in the 70´s or the Leyden jar – the ancestor of the condenser.

On the other hand, the several departments and research units of IST encouraged everyone to look forward. At the IT stand it was possible to engage in an immersive experience with a VR Demo, developed by the Multimedia Signal Processing group. At the IT stand there was also a big display of technology that interconnects ICT´s and health, such as a portable non-invasive technology that uses microwaves in breast cancer screening. It can also be used to diagnose bone fractures, allowing for first care attendance in ambullances on the way to the hospital. Other examples on display were a PCG and ECG signal acquisition and processing system and a novel data acquisition system that allows monitoring patients inside and outside of hospital environment for long periods of time. At the IT stand, visitors could also learn about a new project being developed by the Pattern and Image Analysis group, were researchers are exploring several biosignals, in an immersive VR elicitation setup, to access emotions.

ARoundVision: All aRound panoramic Vision for smart and secure environments

on 20-05-2019

... This is a joint project of IT and Critical Software which aims to investigate new coding and processing methods for panoramic visual information, captured with 360-degree field-of-view (FoV) and ultra-high definition, i.e. All-aRound Vision (ARoundVision). The project investigates fast computational methods to obtain high compression efficiency with low computational complexity, relying on machine learning and parallel processing models with distributed data. The concept of scalability is pushed towards the development of efficient and flexible coding algorithms to enable embedding of multiple 360-degree visual content dimensions into a single scalable stream, yet partially decodable and/or possible to deliver through highly constrained channels.

The ongoing research in ARoundVision project aims at expanding current scalability dimensions (e.g., spatial and temporal resolution) to support new functionalities in 360-degree video, such as content scalability driven by the level of visual attention or relevance of the visual objects along with flexible representations of different FoV. The research results of ARoundVision project will find application in omnidirectional video acquisition and compression for multimedia, smart surveillance and environmental monitoring, particularly targeting systems with reduced resources.