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Fernando Pereira nominated as JPEG Requirements chair

by IT on 02-03-2016
Fernando Pereira has been nominated as JPEG Requirements Chair at the JPEG meeting held in San Diego, CA, USA, the last week of February 2016.

Fernando had already been the MPEG ( Requirements Chair between 2002 and 2007, making him the first person who has been both a MPEG and a JPEG Chair. The JPEG/MPEG Chairs constitute the board of directors who manage these two brother standardization groups in the field of multimedia representation and which technologies have been shaping the telecom world. The Requirements Chair has the main role of managing the definition of the vision, strategy and application scenarios priorities for the standardization activities that will after define the JPEG/MPEG technical specifications.

While it may look surprising that this role is taken by a Portuguese University Professor, his expertise and his obvious neutrality in terms of the big industries agendas played a part in this prestigious nomination.