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Students take a quantum walk with IT-PIQTG

by IT on 25-04-2016
“Inside Views” were held during the Days of Physical Engineering 2016, at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, on 2-3 March, consisting of exclusive guided visits to different IST research centers accompanied by a member of each research group, allowing students to understand the scientific process that goes from having an idea, to overcoming challenges that will lead to results.

In the spirit of promoting a close contact between students and the Physics research centers, on March 3 the PIQTG – Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group of Instituto de Telecomunicações hosted an Inside View, where students were challenged with questions like “How to quickly escape a random maze through a quantum walk?” or “How does quantum help photosynthetic bacteria to grow?”

The research carried out by PIQTG aims to understand and explore the role of thermodynamics, relativity and quantum physics in the transmission and processing of information.