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IT researcher joins FWO Expert Panels

by IT on 01-05-2016
Nuno Carvalho, IT researcher and Professor at the University of Aveiro, was invited to join the Expert Panels of the Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - Vlaanderen (FWO), organization equivalent to the FCT in Belgium. The Portuguese researcher who has won several national and international science awards is now a member of the Expert Panel W&T7: Energy, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Mechanics.

In his statement to the online journal of the University of Aveiro, Nuno Carvalho said this invitation by the FWO represents “the recognition of the work that the group of radio systems of Instituto de Telecomunicações – University of Aveiro has been accomplishing with international impact”.

FWO has 30 subject specialist panels and one interdisciplinary, with most panels being composed of 16 members, the majority of which are not affiliated to a Flemish University.