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SmartHeart connects BITalino directly to the Cloud

by IT on 20-11-2017
Hugo Silva and Margarida Reis, researchers from the Pattern and Image Analysis group of IT in Lisbon, have developed a prototype called CloudBIT, a plug & play device that allows sending BITalino biosignals directly to a cloud (RepoVizz) using only a Wi-Fi connection.

Existing wearable and portable cardiac sensing systems, that inspect both the heart´s electrical (ElectroCardioGram - ECG) and mechanical (PhonoCardioGram - PCG, UltraSound - US) condition, require a base station (a computer or a smartphone) to record the data or to mediate the communication between the devices and the cloud. On the other hand, existing connected devices either have prohibitive costs, offer limited functionality or are difficult to use.

This cloud-based “off-the-person” cardiac signal acquisition and storage tool is one of the key ideas of SmartHeart, a IT internal project that joins three of IT research groups, which have independently created technology and accumulated knowledge in the field of cardiac sensing and signal processing. This project builds upon original work partially developed by the team in the field of cardiac sensing and signal processing within projects such as “DigiScope”, “HeartSafe”, “ICT for Future Health”, “HeartBIT” and “BITalino” (