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ORCIP promotes lecture on Optical Fronthaul Solutions that will support the 5G

on 01-09-2019

... Organized within the context of project ORCIP (Optical Radio Convergence Infrastructure for Communications and Power Delivering), last July 19, Paulo Monteiro, from IT and the University of Aveiro, was in the Faculty of Engineering of UBI where he presented a talk on “Optical Fronthaul Solutions for Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems”.

This lecture gave the audience the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in fiber optic technology applications, which, for instance, bring high-speed internet to our homes (Passive Optical Network, PON, and Next Generation PON 2, NG-PON2) or support for small cell mobile networks through radio over fiber (RoF). These types of solutions, which are being investigated and tested on the ORCIP infrastructure, deliver the fronthaul optical communications solutions that will support the fifth generation (5G) of mobile communications in the very near future.

The ORCIP´s infrastructure, which results from a collaboration between the poles of IT in Aveiro, Coimbra and Covilhã, is supporting several MSc dissertations and PhD thesis whose research themes vary between spectrum and resource management for 4G / 5G communication systems, fixed mobile convergence, mobile fronthaul, free space optics, visible light communications, RF energy harvesting from the environment, non-invasive sensors based on IoT reflectometry principles, small cell UAV-based communications, and security aspects in next generation communication networks.