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Mário Figueiredo elected corresponding member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

on 26-02-2020

... Mário Figueiredo, Professor at IST and a researcher of IT in Lisbon, was recently elected corresponding member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, one of the most prestigious and ancient national scientific institutions.

“Naturally, being elected a corresponding member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences is something that honors me greatly: it represents a recognition by the current members of the Academy, people of great prestige and value ”, says Mário Figueiredo. The IT researcher hopes to being able to “contribute to the society of information, knowledge and wisdom, as expressed in the mission of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences”.

Mário Figueiredo will join the class of Sciences. The corresponding members of each class are nominated by the effective members of their class, anytime there is a vacancy. The nominees are then presented for suffrage A nomine is elected when he obtains the votes of the absolute majority of the effective members of the class.

Some duties of a corresponding member are: attending plenary sessions and class sessions to which they belong; participation in the works of the Academy, performing the functions to which they have been designated or elected by deliberation of the Academy or the class to which they belong; and the presentation of communications, reports, proposals, projects and work suggestions.

Among other, Mário Figueiredo will join Professor Carlos Salema, a full member of the class of Sciences (section of Engineering and Applied Sciences) and also the President of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences for 2019-2021.

Photo credits: Débora Rodrigues/Técnico