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In times of crisis “Mental Health Matters!”

on 29-04-2020

... The objective of project “Mental Health Matters!” is to contribute to a deeper knowledge of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the general population´s mental health. (see more)

The times we live in have been very demanding for the emotional stability of the general population due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the coordination of Marco Torrado, from the Associação para o Desenvolvimento e Investigação da Faculdade de Medicina (FMUL), the objective of project “Mental Health Matters!” (MHM) is to contribute to a deeper knowledge of this issue. To do so the MHM research team has developed a questionnaire to access the ways in which different groups of individuals have managed their emotions during the pandemic period and the impact that these, along with other characteristics of psychological functioning, may have on personal and occupational well-being.

Two months after completing the first phase of the study there will be a second round survey, to monitor progress, increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma and promote continued support. The aim is to obtain a longitudinal analysis.

The contribution of IT, one of the institutions involved in this project, will be to help in the selection of tools to support the study, analysis and processing of the collected data.

Together FMUL and IT, project MHM gathers researchers and experts from Instituto Nacional de Saúde Ricardo Jorge, Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco, Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicossomática and BrainAnswer, Lda.

To voluntarily answer the questionnaire please click the link bellow (it should not exceed 15 minutes):