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PASMO: An open platform for inteligent mobility

on 16-06-2020

... PASMO is an open platform for the development and experimentation of mobility solutions, where companies can test and validate equipment, protocols, applications and services. (see more)

The PASMO project was a technology transfer project, anchored in previous IT R&D projects in the areas of mobility, future Internet and vehicular communications.
Under the coordination of Joaquim Ferreira (IT/ESTGA-UA), the PASMO team has deployed equipment on the beaches of Costa Nova and Barra (see image) and along the A25 to Aveiro, covering both highway and urban areas over more than 15Km of roads. This equipment includes fixed radars and cameras, for counting and classifying traffic, roadside and onboard communication stations (RSUs ITS-G5), sensors (parking, weather stations, etc.), LoRa gateways, Wi-Fi in public spaces and data aggregation in Big Data platform for IoT.
This project has close partnerships with the Municipality of Ílhavo, ASCENDI, the National Maritime Authority and with a wide range of other entities that supported the installation of equipment.
Many companies and public organizations (e.g., Wavecom, Microio, Ubiwhere, A-to-Be, Ascendi, Municipality of Ílhavo) are using the platform, leveraging on the use cases and tutorials developed by the project team, namely: a) A dashboard of the traffic classification radars integrates real-time data from three radars installed in the Barra and Costa Nova beaches; b) A parking dashboard indicates the current status and the history of occupancy of the parking sensors installed on Barra beach.
To facilitate access to the data, an API to access historical and real-time data from the parking sensors and radars is available for public use.
PASMO platform and most of the equipment installed will remain active for several years and will continue to be improved in the near future with new sensors, new applications and access to an experimental 5G network.
Besides providing open access to experimentation, the PASMO platform is already supporting other R&D projects and the project team welcomes other requests to use the platform.