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SNOB-5G: Scalable Network Backhauling Solution for 5G

on 29-06-2020

... The project’s kick-off meeting took place on February 2nd, hosted by Ubiwhere (Project’s Coordinator) at the company’s headquarters in Aveiro, Portugal. (see more)

SNOB-5G is a recent PT2020 project, that will be carried out over the next three years, where the main objective is to boost the expansion of 5G by fostering a cost-effective, sustainable and reliable system to deploy a secure and high-quality 5G network service. A team composed of researchers from IT, Ubiwhere, the Centre of Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra and MIT (Cambridge, USA) will focus on the research and development of self-optimized, inteligent and fault-tolerant backhaull solutions for 5G networks that will empower cities as neutral hosts (a shared network solution provided on an open access basis to all Mobile Network Operators), capable of accommodating new and innovative urban services (such as intelligent transportation systems).

By setting an intelligent solution that leverages existing urban furniture SNOB-5G will overcome the challenges of 5G distribution, even in areas with a high density of devices, sensors and services, fostering a highly resiliente network with no point of failure. In the end, the proposed solution will be validated in two municipalities, under distinct city-wide use cases with specific and challenging requirements.