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IT in Porto has research, from projects MobiWise and S2MovingCity, featured at IEEE VNC

by IT on 16-12-2020
IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference Vehicular Networking MobiWise S2MovingCity

The 2020 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC) seeks to virtually bring together researchers, professionals, and practitioners to present and discuss recent developments and challenges in vehicular networking, connected & automated driving, and other applications. 

The key conference on vehicular networking, which is being held from 16-18 December, accepted three papers from researchers at IT in Porto, which resulted from projects MobiWise and S2MovingCity.

One of the papers, "Exploring Wi-Fi Network Diversity for Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communication", is authored by Rui Meireles (Vassar College), António Rodrigues (IT), Andrei Stanciu (Vassar College), Ana Aguiar (UP/IT) and Peter Steenkiste (CMU).

"Cooperative Bicycle Localization System via Ad Hoc Bluetooth Networks" is another paper, by Pedro Miguel Santos (CISTER/ISEP, IPP, UP), Miguel Rosa (UP), Luís Ramos Pinto (UL/IPFN) and Ana Aguiar (UP/IT).

Lastly, researchers Gonçalo Pereira (UP), Pedro d'Orey (UP) and Ana Aguiar (UP/IT) also presented a poster — "Cooperative Perception Platform for Intelligent Transportation Systems" — at this year's VNC.