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5E Contest 2021 - A spotlight to innovative electronic solutions!

by IT on 20-03-2021

The 5E Contest is organised in the framework of the 5E project and will award electronics products – in Unconventional Nanoelectronics (NE), Flexible, Organic & Printed Electronics (FOPE) and Electronic Smart Systems (ESS) – developed in the context of a funded project or in-house by any interested party.

The contest wants to celebrate excellence in electronics and highlight the importance of outstanding electronics products in Europe, offering them: 

- Public recognition for their value, innovative contribution and impact at European level.

- Support, visibility, promotion and dissemination through all project channels.


The project set up the Digital Showcase, an online platform dedicated to electronics innovators, in order to increase visibility of European electronics products and as an introductory tool to the contest.

The 5E Contest is free of charge and all-inclusive, no fees for participation are required, and applications are open to all electronics innovators based in Europe: Start-ups, SMEs, LEs, RTOs, academia, EU-funded project consortia, but also user communities and the wider public.

To submit your product, simply fill in this online form by 20 March 2021:

The 3 winners will be awarded during the Smart Systems Integration Conference 2021, 27-29 April 2021, and will be able to present their innovation on this occasion.

Award Categories

1. Electronics products
Best electronics product developed by an interested party such as an enterprise, RTO, individual, etc.

2. Funded projects results 
Best electronics product developed in the framework of a funded project at regional, national or EU level.

3. Best product convergence among the Electronics Areas 
This is a special category designed to promote convergence among the 3 Electronics Areas  Nanoelectronics, Electronic Smart Systems,Flexible, Organic & Printed Electronics


For more information, you can contact Serena Zerbinati: