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Susana Sargento distinguished by the Municipality of Aveiro

by IT on 12-05-2021

Founder of Veniam, spin-off of the universities of Aveiro and Porto and of the Instituto de Telecomunicaçoes, dedicated to vehicular communication networks - with offices in the USA and Portugal -, Susana Sargento has been building a living scientific-technological laboratory in Aveiro in the framework of the European project Aveiro STEAM City. After coordinating the deployment of a vehicular network on buses and trucks in the city of Porto, as well as fixed stations in the city, she is leading the development of a multi-technology communication, computing and sensing infrastructure in Aveiro to support innovative services in the area of ​​mobility, environment and energy.

Susana Sargento was also the recipient of the Femina Prize in 2020, with the Statute of Cultural Interest, for merit in Sciences: Relevant research, awarded by the Ministry of Culture. She was also a recipent of the European Women Innovator 2016, awarded by the European Commission, that recognizes women that distinguished in terms of innovation in science and technology.