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IT researchers distinguished with the Research Award and the Best Student Paper Award URSI 2021

by IT on 19-12-2021
Best Student Paper Award 2021 Award Research ANACOM-URSI Portugal Internet of Things Radiowave Propagation Wireless Technologies

Proud to announce that researchers from IT were recognized with the Research Award and the Best Student Paper Award (BSPA), within the scope of the 15th Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI (União Radiocientífica Internacional), held at the Superior School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, this year with the theme “Environmental sustainability in the use of the radio spectrum”.

The team of the project "Potentials and Limitations of Customized Bio-radar Applications", Carolina Gouveia (IT Aveiro), José Vieira (IT Aveiro), Pedro Pinho from IT Aveiro and Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL), was recognized with the Research ANACOM-URSI Portugal.

The awarded research work was focused on the development of the Bio-Radar prototype, a system capable of remotely monitoring vital signs, such as respiratory and cardiac signals, which – for example - may be integrated the Bio-Radar into a car seat, with the aim of monitoring the driver's respiratory signal.

The 1st BSPA Prize was awarded to Mário Vala, from Instituto de Telecomunicações (Leiria), Instituto Superior Técnico, for his conference paper entitled “Complex Permittivity Study of a Pinus Pinaster Needle Bed on Fire” (authors Mário Vala, Stefânia Faria, Nuno Leonor, João Felicio, Carlos Fernandes, Carlos Salema and Rafael Caldeirinha), presented in the context of the research work “Radiowave Propagation in Wildfires.”

The 2nd BSPA Prize was awarded to Tiago Emanuel Oliveira, Instituto de Telecomunicações (Leiria), Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, for the conference paper “A Waning Crescent Quasi-Yagi Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Sensing Networks” (authors Tiago Oliveira, João Reis, and Rafael Caldeirinha), as part of the research work “Small Antenna for 5G and IoT”.

- Congratulations to all!

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