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Ana Aguiar was invited speaker on the Conference 14th International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS (COMSNETS)

by IT on 10-01-2022
Conference Invited Speaker Networks and Services SenseMyCity

Ana Aguiar presented a communication on COMSNETS about “SenseMyCity: a Mobile IoT Tool for Intelligent Urban Mobility”.

Ana Aguiar is an Assistant Professor at the University of Porto (UP) and researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), where she coordinates the Network and Information Processing Group at IT Porto. She is adjunct coordinator of the Center of Competencies for Future Cities at UP, where she operated the UrbanSense environmental sensors and the crowdsensing tool SenseMyCity. She led the VOCE project on voice stress detection, and participated in more than 15 projects, in 9 of them as co-PI or WP leader. She published more than 70 journal and conference articles, is a reviewer for several IEEE transactions journals, and is an expert with the EC.

COMSNETS, which took place in a hybrid format on past January 3-8 in Bengaluru, India, is a premier international conference dedicated to advances in Networking and Communications Systems. The conference is a yearly event for a world-class gathering of researchers from academia and industry, practitioners, and business leaders, providing a forum for discussing cutting-edge research, and directions for new innovative business and technology.


Here is the synopsis:

“Mobile IoT plays a critical role in collecting heterogeneous data in a geo-referenced and granular manner, supporting data collection for various scientific disciplines. SenseMyCity is an iteratively designed mobile opportunistic IoT crowdsensing tool that evolved organically to meet the growing requirements of interdisciplinary sensing projects, from biomedical and psychology to transportation and networking. Over the years, we collected around 100 Million GPS data points from more than 1000 participants, spanning more than 550000 km and 60000 hours of GPS trajectories.

This talk will show 3 flagship projects enabled by SenseMyCity, as well as capabilities that were iteratively added to the tool to improve usability. First, it was used to collect 145h of daily work trips from 36 bus drivers, including their cardiac signals, facilitating memory recall of stressful situations and contributing to characterize bus drivers' cardiac stress sources. Secondly, SenseMyCity's capability to automatically collect high-frequency sensor data only during users’ trips allowed us to quantify the advantage of using public transportation, and we were able to monitor the impact of a specific policy change. Finally, we propose to use granular human mobility profiles for informing offloading strategies during commuter trips.”


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