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NATO Agency signs new NFPs agreement with IT

by IT on 17-02-2022
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NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) has signed an agreement with Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), among others, allowing the Agency to start procurement activities under the Not-For-Profit Framework (NFPF) initiative.

Not-For-Profits (NFPs) will support the NCI Agency in its scientific program of work, research, and development studies, and possibly in the future – in capability requirements, blueprints, change management, or project and service provision assurance.

Arnaldo Oliveira, IT researcher and coordinator of the initiative, is thrilled with this agreement, he says it will be the opportunity for IT to develop a fruitful ICT research partnership in the “defense economy”.

Daniel Poças, from the Interface IT team, plays an important role here in the settling of these synergies. According to him, the agreement with NATO represents the recognition of IT as an entity able to respond to the needs of the NCI Agency, in terms of research in information and communication technologies services, and - he continues - this partnership will be a great opportunity for IT researchers in the areas of security and defense, matching the needs of NCI Agency with the competencies of the research team of IT.  

In this phase, NCI Agency has signed NFPF agreements with the following organizations: Instituto de Telecomunicacoes (Portugal), in research and development services in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT); Spanish organization Ingeneria de Sistemas para la Defensa de Espana (ISDEFE) (Spain), in capability development services; NASK - National Research Institute (Poland), in science and research; Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa (UAL) (Portugal), in education and consultancy; And Technical University of Madrid (Spain), in ICT.


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