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IT team is studying the benefits of using low-power microwave technology in breast cancer screening

by IT on 25-03-2022
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Breast cancer affects millions of women around the world. According to the World Health Organization, about 2.1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. However, an early diagnosis increases the chances of survival and decreases the morbidity caused by treatments.

Microwaves, which we use in everyday life for instance in mobile phones, can be used for medical applications, namely for breast cancer screening. Radar-based systems provide the fastest imaging inversion times, are easy to use, and are low cost. Like other groups around the world, the Antennas and Propagation Group from Instituto de Telecomunicações, at IST, is “developing” its own medical microwave imaging system for breast cancer screening.

For a preview of the novelty of this research, watch the vídeo [see also in our YouTube channel].

Research team: Carlos Fernandes (IT-IST), Jorge Costa (IT-IST), João Felício (IT-IST), Raquel Martins (Phd student).


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