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802.11ad sector selection dataset

by IT on 09-02-2023
IT-Porto Networked Systems – Po

This article describes a dataset that supports analysis of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) 802.11ad device behavior in an experimental V2I communication scenario. More specifically, the dataset summarizes the results from a set of experiments in which a mobile client drove around a stationary Access Point (AP) while downloading data from it. Information about the client's mobility, exchange of control frames, and achieved throughput was collected.

This dataset can support a realistic analysis of 802.11ad COTS equipment behaviors, such as antenna selection and communication range, in a vehicular communication scenario.

Published in "Computer Communications Journal" (Elsevier): the dataset associated with our articles on 8022.11ad sector selection is now available online: Mateus Mattos, António Rodrigues, Rui Meireles, Ana Aguiar, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure IEEE 802.11ad Wi-Fi dataset, Data in Brief, 2023, 108964, ISSN 2352-3409.


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