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Another successful milestone for ISTSat-1

by IT on 01-03-2023
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After a successful testing result under supervision by European Space Agency (ESA) here in IST NanosatLab at Taguspark Portugal, ISTSat-1 headed to ESA's ESEC at Redu in Belgium, to perform vibration tests. The results went successful too.

Now, ISTSat-1 is settled for its last ride, TVAC (Thermal Vacuum Chamber) test at the same location, before its launch in the scope of European Fly Your Satellite (FYS!) project Ariane 6, planned for October 2023.

As stats the IT researcher and IST Professor Rui Rocha, “this has been a long way, most precisely since 2012, when there were developed a full set of tests such as radiation compatibility tests, among others. Now, ISTSAt-1 will be needing the integration with the support for the launcher, expected to happen on this year's 1st of August in Berlin.”

Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) thus take another step forward in the area of aerospace engineering in Portugal.



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