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Celebrating 30th years - Board visit to IT Coimbra

by IT on 26-06-2022
IT Board visit

On our 30th anniversary, IT board initiated a set of visits to sites and branches to get in touch with the daily days, successes, and apprehensions of the researchers.

In June 2022, took place a visit to DEEC - Department in Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Coimbra, we got in touch with the latest research work undertaken by the IT researchers at the Coimbra branch.

The work is developed in all areas of telecommunications and supporting basic sciences, including wireless communications, optical communications, networks, and multimedia.


On the photos:

  • Group Antennas and Propagation - Coimbra, Tiago Morgado
  • Group Image Communications - Coimbra, Vitor Silva
  • Group Optical Communications - Coimbra, Maria do Carmo Medeiros
  • Group Power Systems, André Mendes
  • Group Multimedia Signal Processing - Coimbra, Luís Cruz
  • Group Organics and Electronics - Lisboa, Henrique Leonel Gomes


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