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Ev4Energy project is on Global EV Charging Test: V2X edition

by IT on 30-03-2023
Ev4Energy project Electric Vehicle Network Applications and Services Embedded Systems group Energy networks

Researchers Paulo Bartolomeu and João Silva from the Embedded Systems group, from IT Aveiro, are participating in the Global EV Charging Test: V2X editions, with the Ev4Energy project, between the 28th and 30th of this month.

The Global EV Charging Test event delivers a unique opportunity to companies to participate in tests on-site and evaluate communication between EVs and EVSEs. Test with the latest test systems on the market and test systems available or coming to the market in the very near future.

This event also features a symposium with leading experts on vehicle-to-grid. This is a great opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas and innovation with these leading experts on OCPP and V2X.

EV4Energy, a project led by Joaquim Ferreira (IT Aveiro), intends to place the battery-based Electric Vehicle at the center of electrical distribution, capable of storing renewable energy and delivering this energy to a house, building, neighborhood, or distribution network, but also be able to deliver the energy to other devices such as a washing machine, street lighting or even another electric vehicle.


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