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IEC-5G Ciência Viva IT internship provided the great experience of visiting Portugal Telecom Data Center

by IT on 14-07-2023
Ciência Viva 2023 Portugal Telecom Data Center Altice 5G Network Applications and Services

Guided by Fernando Velez, our researcher at IT Covilhã and professor at UBI, the students of Ciência Viva IEC-5G Internship (Introduction to Electronics and 5G communications) visited Portugal Telecom Data Center, on past July 5, 2023.

This was a great opportunity to know one of the best Data Centers in Portugal. It belongs to Altice Portugal and is located in Covilhã.

This internship allows students to get in touch with some of the innovative applications of electronics and communication networks, through immersion in the context of research and development at the Instituto de Telecomunicações and carrying out visits and experiences. It includes conceptual sessions, laboratory work with the assembly of electronics "kits", basic techniques to produce printed circuits, experimental measurements of received power, bit rate, and other relevant quantities in 5G mobile systems.


Assist the video (copyright Altice Portugal), to know more about this great infrastructure is Portugal Telecom Data Center.