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Instituto de Telecomunicações: Powering Up the Digital Future

by IT on 11-09-2023
Project Altice Power – Empowering a Digital Future 5G Networks Edge/Cloud Computing Continuum Data-Driven Technologies Artificial Intelligence

Power – Empowering a Digital Future project is a collaborative effort involving the Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Coimbra, and Pedro Nunes Institute.

This project, led by Altice and valued at 24 million euros, has as its primary goal developing an innovative portfolio of products and services, primarily leveraging cloud and cognitive technologies. This development effort revolves around four key technological areas: 5G Networks, Edge/Cloud Computing Continuum, Data-Driven Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence. 

The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a portfolio of highly advanced, groundbreaking solutions with global potential. This effort is expected to boost national exports of goods and services with high technological intensity, contributing to economic growth and technological advancement in Portugal.

To support these objectives, IT plans to hire a significant number of research professionals: 21 scholarship holders, including 11 bachelor's degree research scholars and 10 master's degree scholars. Additionally, to employ 10 assistant researchers, with three of them holding doctorate degrees. These researchers will play a crucial role in the research and development activities necessary for the successful execution of this project.