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IT integrates the New Space Portugal consortium

by IT on 06-02-2024
New Space Portugal consortium

Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) is part of the New Space Portugal consortium, which 1st official Assembly took place on January 17, 2024.

The New Space Portugal consortium aims to transform the space industry and elevate Portugal as a leading player in space exploration.

By 2025, New Space Portugal will develop satellites for key constellations like the Atlantic, Open, AIS/VDES, and SAR, addressing the growing demand for Earth Observation services worldwide. Additionally, will launch “Planeta Digital”, a digital platform merging data from various sources to offer advanced services.

Led by GEOSAT, this consortium brings together 39 entities to design, develop, produce, and launch Earth Observation satellites. With partners like Instituto Superior Técnico, Portuguese Navy, idD – Portugal Defense, University of Beira Interior, the University of Aveiro, Wavecom - a spin-off of IT, among others, the consortium wants to drive innovation to the forefront of global markets.

This is a program financed by PRR funding.


Photo credits: New Space Portugal 


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