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Luis Vidigal Prize 2015

by IT on 11-03-2016
The Luís Vidigal Prize 2015 was awarded this year ex aequo to two master theses supervised within IT. Mr Francisco Rosário and Mr João Sande Lemos received the prize at the ceremony held on 11th March at Instituto Superior Técnico. The Prize is awarded to the best master thesis of the year at IST in the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, but since 2001 projects within Aerospace Engineering, Physics Engineering, and other programmes at IST have also received the prize. Notably, the prize had not been awarded to master theses supervised within IT since 2002. Both theses were supervised by Dr. António Rodrigues and by Dr. Francisco Monteiro, both from the Radio Systems Lx Group.
The two winners were both scholars under the IT project “LDimM-NetCod”.
Francisco Rosário’s thesis was entitled “Massive MIMO Processing for 5G Systems: Efficient Detection Algorithms and Applications”. Mr Rosário’s work mostly focused on the signal processing problems in wireless systems with large antenna arrays (where the number of independent antennas can reach the hundreds). The work proposed detection techniques spanning advanced linear algebra and novel methods based on randomised algorithms. One of the papers spinning out of his work is, since January 2016, one of the top-5 most popular papers in the IEEE Signal Processing Letters.
The title of João Sande Lemos’ thesis was “In-Band Full-Duplex Architectures for Future 5G Multi-Hop Networks”. Mr Sande Lemos chiefly focused on the recent parading change in wireless, with terminals receiving and transmitting information in totally overlapping frequencies and at the same time. He proposed several new interference cancellation techniques capable of dealing with the self-interference that arises, including the design of recursive least squares MIMO filtering.

In the photo, from left to right: Mr Francisco Rosário, Prof. Luís Silveira (from the Management Committee of the prize), Mr Francisco Rosário’s mother, Mr João Sande Lemos, and Dr. Francisco Monteiro (co-supervisor of both theses).