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Pedro Vieira wins the SENSORDEVICES 2019 Best Paper Award

by IT on 15-12-2019
Pedro Vieira, from the Radio Systems group, IT in Lisbon, is one of the co-authors of the paper "Cooperative Communication between Vehicles and Road Infrastructures through Visible Light”, winner of the Best Paper Award in the 10th International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications - SENSORDEVICES 2019. The other authors were Manuel Augusto Vieira, Manuela Vieira and Paula Louro (all from ISEL/CTS-UNINOVA).

"In this paper, a road-to-vehicle communication system, based on Visible Light Communication (VLC), is proposed. Street lamps and traffic lights are used, respectively for lighting purposes and traffic control concomitantly with the broadcast of the information (infrastructure ID and traffic message). On-vehicle VLC receivers, decode the message, perform V2V distance measurements and, using the headlights and taillights, resend the information to the next cars or to the traffic lights.

An Infrastructure-to-Vehicle-to-Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (I2V2V2I) traffic scenario is established and characterized, and an algorithm to decode the information was presented. A phasing traffic flow was developed as a proof of concept. The experimental results confirm the cooperative VLC architecture", explained Pedro Vieira.

Held in Nice, France, during October 27-31, SENSORDEVICES 2019 continues a series of events focusing on sensor devices themselves, the technology-capturing style of sensors, special technologies, signal control and interfaces, and particularly sensors-oriented applications. The evolution of the nano-and microtechnologies, nanomaterials, and the new business services make the sensor device industry and research on sensor-themselves very challenging.