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Project COVA wants to develop an early diagnosis for Covid-19

on 14-04-2020

... Abel Gomes, Professor at the University of Beira Interior (UBI) and a researcher from the Network Architectures and Protocols group of IT in Covilhã, is leading a project whose main objective is to create a portable x-ray machine, equipped with a software that allows the diagnosis of Covid-19 in less than a minute.

The project gathers other researchers from UBI, the Centro Hospitalar Universitário da Cova da Beira and the startup FastComChem Lda of UBImedical, who are already working on developing an informatic system that takes advantage of the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques, to achieve a medical image of the lungs and thus perform an early and large-scale diagnosis.

The greatest advantage will be the use of “portable x-ray machines, even in remote areas, with no need for patients to go to the hospital”, said Abel Gomes in a recent interview to Rádio Clube da Covilhã.

The project is called COVA, and was already submited to the FCT to be funded under the RESEARCH 4 COVID_19 platform.