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Future of Mobility: what is the role of communications? - An interview with Susana Sargento

by IT on 06-01-2022
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IT researcher Susana Sargento, in an interview for TEK news (3 Jan. 2022), offers a view of the future of mobility to 2022.

She anticipates that 2022 will be a crucial year for smooth, autonomous, and connected mobility to become a reality in Portugal, in a pioneering way around the world.

For the IT researcher, it is important to test the solutions, understand how they can be implemented with citizens, and look to the future in a technologically prepared and capable environment. Some examples of technological free zones are already in practice: Portugal, once again, took a big step (at the end of 2021) towards the regulation of these zones, towards making Portugal an experimentation hub with the support not only of the system. scientific, technological, and business, but also of the various key regulators.

Susana Sargento is the coordinator of the STEAM-City Aveiro, a living laboratory of a Smart City to be replicated in other cities.

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