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IT researchers won the University of Aveiro Cooperation Award 2023

by IT on 23-03-2023
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AVEIRO STEAM City (Aveiro Tech City Living Lab) project, coordinated by IT - UA researchers Susana Sargento, Duarte Raposo, Carlos Senna and Miguel Luís (Networks Architectures and Protocols Group - IT Aveiro), won the 2023 Cooperation Award from the University of Aveiro (UA).

Susana Sargento was also distinguished with an honorable mention in the scope of the Researcher Award of UA. 

This project aims to implement technological solutions that promote the sustainability of cities, in this case, the prototype is being tested in the city of Aveiro in cooperation with the municipality and industry. This is an advanced communications infrastructure and an innovative urban data management and analytics platform that, together, make it possible to provide an open and large-scale technological laboratory in the city at the service of researchers, digital industries, startups, scaleups, centers of R&D, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders interested in developing, testing, or demonstrating concepts, products or services.

“Our project will help companies to rethink the resources they need to innovate, grow, and establish means to attract a new range of talent – including artistic, creative and human sciences areas – to the new digital opportunities in a STEAM approach (adding the “A” for Arts and creativity to the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)”.

The UA Cooperation Awards aim to recognize the merit of professors and researchers at the University of Aveiro (UA), whose work has stood out for its innovative contribution to the development of the region and the country, in four different areas: Environment, Sea and Forest; Health, Biotechnology and Food; Industrial and Digital Modernization; Territories, Economy and Culture. Aveiro STEAM City was recognized in the category of Industrial and Digital Modernization.


Image: snapshot from the streamed vídeo of University of Aveiro

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