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INBIO Ciência Viva Summer School 2023 ends with a Beat

by IT on 10-08-2023
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In yet another successful edition, the Ciência Viva “Introduction to Biosignals (INBIO)” Summer School welcomed a group of highly motivated high school students between July 10th and 14th at Instituto de Telecomunicações.

Jointly organized by the Department of Bioengineering (DBE) and by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) of Instituto Superior Técnico, the action included theoretical and practical classes, visits to the Faraday Museum and to the Microwave Medical Imaging system at IT, as well a first-person testimonial from LAMPSY, an award-winning project on the verge of becoming a spin-off.

Students were taken on a journey that included an Introduction to Biosignals (Ana Sebastião, FMUL/iMM), Video Coding and Analysis (Paulo Correia, IST/DEEC), Arduino Programming (BSc Student Inês Salema, IST-DBE), Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Acquisition (Hugo Plácido da Silva, IST-DBE/IT), What Biosignals Reveal About Us (Researcher Afonso Ferreira, INESC-id & Ph.D. Student Patrícia Bota, IST-DBE/IT), Biosignal Processing (João Sanches, IST-DBE/ISR), Artificial Intelligence in Bioengineering (Researcher Sofia Monteiro, Hospital de Santa Marta), Spin-off LAMPSY (Ph.D. Student Vicente Garção, IST-DBE/IT), and Quantum Technologies (Emmanuel Cruzeiro, IST-DEEC/IT).

With the help of laboratory technicians José Gouveia (IT) and Paulo Barata (IST-DEEC), during the practical activities, students assembled their own ScientISST MAKER, with which they also built an elementary personal cardiovascular monitor. The organizers are grateful to everyone that made this action a success, as shown by the highest grades assigned by the students to the Summer School in their feedback questionnaires.


Watch also Inês Godinho testimonial about her experience in INBIO: