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PAC Mobinov project deliveries the Final Demo

by IT on 16-08-2023
Award Prémio de Inovação nas Forças Armadas 2023 SCOUTE (Uniform Connection and Optimization System for Energy Transfer)

PAC Mobinov project presented its final result last June, the autonomous vehicle demonstrator, which can be seen in the video. In the event, it was present the Minister of Economy, António Costa Silva.

The mobility industry (of which the automobile is a part) plays a fundamental role in the economy and society, being an important employer and an indispensable engine for the competitiveness of the economy of the European Union and the world. Adding only data from the automotive industry and the transport sector, this part of the “mobility industry” represents, in Europe (EU) alone, according to ACEA data, around 6.8% of GDP and 6.1% of employment, employing around 13.3 million people, being the largest sector in terms of annual investment in R&D, with more than 54 billion invested and around 8,700 patents registered in 2017. In this context, this project contributes to a new positioning of the national automotive cluster in the chains of global value models of the vehicle of the future, focusing on the green economy.

O Instituto de Telecomunicações, as a research unit at the University of Aveiro, an entity participating in the project, developed the cooperative perception mechanisms and all the integration with the CEIIA autonomous vehicle so that the vehicle reacts immediately to the detection of people on the road.



In the banner photo, from left to right: Pedro Rito, Andreia Figueiredo, Joaquim Ramos, Gonçalo Perna, Pedro Almeida, Susana Sargento (IT Aveiro), and other CEiiA members.

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