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LAMPSY and Sympathia Technologies finalists of Lab2Market @Técnico

by IT on 22-03-2024
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This month marked the inception of "Lab2Market," an innovative acceleration program initiated by Técnico in partnership with NTT DATA. The primary aim is to unlock the potential of technologies developed at Técnico, fostering value creation, and addressing societal challenges.

Teams comprised professors, researchers, and students dedicated to pioneering technologies and projects. Among the five standout teams selected for this year's "Lab2Market" finale, there are two finalists from the Pattern and Image Analysis Lab Group at Instituto de Telecomunicações, supervised by our senior researcher Hugo Plácido da Silva, namely:

LAMPSY by Vicente Garção, Hugo Plácido da Silva, Mariana Lima Abreu, and Joana Pinto, and “Sympathia Technologies”, comprising Afonso Fortes Ferreira and Patricia Bota, respectively by Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering for Microsystems and Nanotechnologies – INESC MN and Instituto de Telecomunicações.

LAMPSY is an epileptic seizure detection device integrated into a lamp, which aims to offer greater peace of mind to patients and caregivers. Developed with machine learning algorithms, it achieves more than 99% accuracy. Enables remote monitoring and sends alerts for rapid response, potentially preventing sudden death in patients with epilepsy.

"Sympathia Technologies" develops a smart sock that monitors the nervous system to monitor issues related to mental health, aiming to improve therapeutic results with a functional MVP (minimum viable product) validated in healthy subjects.


Photo credits: Lab2Market

Review here the pitch on LAMPSY: