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IT NEWSLETTER - Latest issue

on 14-06-2020

... • Huawei, IT and UA sign an agreement to develop a lab for 5G and AI solutions (see more)

• HelicalMETA: Searching for the key to control light
• PASMO: Open Platform for the Development and Experimentation of Mobility Solutions
• Stepping up to help fight the pandemic
• Where are you now? Shantanav Chakraborty

IT NEWSLETTER - Latest issue

on 06-05-2020

... • IT helps to develop a pioneer submarine cables system to detect seismic activity (see more)

• Project COVA wants to develop an early diagnosis for Covid-19
• New Bio-Radar can detect emotions of joy or fear from a distance
• It takes only a three-body system to break time symmetry
• Where are you now? Nelson Capela